Sponsor Licence

You must apply for a sponsor licence if you wish to employ a migrant i.e. a visa national.

Most of the non EEA nationals require a visa to enter the UK to take up an employment. The Home Office, to ensure fair opportunities to the settled workers including EEA nationals in the UK, have tighten the immigration rules which require an employer to obtain a sponsor licence to be able to employ a visa national.

Is it a lengthy and difficult process ?

The Home Office UK can take up to eight weeks to take a decision on your sponsor licence application. However, in our practical experience, to date, they usually take a decision within 4-5 weeks. 

What's the process ?

General requirement and process:

Complete the RLMT (Residence Labour Market Test) i.e. Advertise the job for 28 days as specified to recruit from the settled workers, unless you have identified a candidate who is exempt from RLMT

If you are unable to find a suitable candidate apply for  a sponsor licence and provide specified documents in support of your application

Prepare for the Home Office visit as they are most likely to visit your office premises prior to taking a decision on your sponsor licence application

Upon approval of application request a Cos

Once CoS is allocated, assign it to the identified candidate 

The candidate then can apply  for a Tier 2 (General) visa. 

You must offer appropriate salary to the candidate as per identified SoC while making offer and this must have been advertised in the job advert

As we can only state basic or general requirements here, you must contact us so that we can assess your case base on your circumstances.

You can call us on 0203 884 0292 or email at info@kradhharlington.com