EEA Retained Rights

If you are no more a non-EEA family member of an EEA national and wish to apply to stay in the UK, you can apply for Retained Rights.

One example of Retained Rights is that if you are a non-EEA national and were married to an EEA national but your marriage broke down, you may be able to apply for Retained Rights.  

What are the requirements ?

General requirements in a case as illustrated above: 

  • Your marriage must have lasted at least for three years
  • Out of those three years you  and your spouse must have lived together in the UK for at least a year
  • Your marriage must have ended and you must have the final divorce certificate
  • Your EEA national spouse must have exercised Treaty Rights for that one year and on the date of the divorce

The above stated are basic guideline. This is a very complex category, hence, we would advise you to contact us to discuss your matter in detail.

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