Discretionary Leave to Remain

This is an application outside the UK Immigration Rules.

As the title suggests this application is based on the discretion exercised by the Secretary of the State for the Home Department to grant you leave to remain in the UK  outside the rules. To make this application you must already be in the UK. 

Who can make this application ?

  • Any one who is already in the UK
  • He/She has an established family or private life i.e has a partner who is British or settled in the UK or has spent a large amount of his life in the UK and can prove has established a private life for himself/herself
  • He/She wishes to make the application based on a child in the UK who is either British or settled in the UK  or has lived in the UK for at least seven years continuously
  • He/she has spent a large number of years in the UK and has no connections in his/her own home country

As this application is a discretion of the Secretary of the State, obviously, is a complex one. Therefore, the advise will be based on individual circumstances. The requirements stated above are basic.

If you think you may be eligible to make a discretionary application based on your established family or private life, contract us to book an appointment to come and see us in order for us to assess the chances of success of your application and to help you. 

You can call us on 0203 884 0292 to book an appointment.